Car accidents in Hobart, Indiana, happen out of nowhere. For example, you’re on your way to Johnson’s Farm Produce to pick up fresh grown fruits. You’re rear-ended at a stop light on E. Ridge Road by someone who failed to spot the red light. Or you’re leaving the parking lot after dropping your kids off at John L. Meister Elementary. You head onto Jay St. when someone t-bones your car after they sped through a stop sign.  

Whatever the circumstances, a Hobart car accident lawyer can help. In Indiana, you may have a personal injury claim for damages after a car crash if you can show someone caused your injuries. Meaning, you need to show you have a claim under civil negligence laws. In a car crash, this means proving four things

  • Someone owed you a duty of care. Every driver must behave in a way that respects the safety of other road users. 
  • The driver breached this duty of care. Failing to drive with due care and attention, in line with Indiana road laws, means a driver behaved negligently. 
  • You were injured in a car crashIf you were injured, even just cuts or bruises, you were harmed in the crash. 
  • The other driver caused your injuriesThe other driver’s negligence directly caused your injuries. But for their actions, you would not be injured. 

Car accident claims in Hobart, Indiana, are inherently complex. Our car accident attorneys in Hobart can help. Call now to schedule a free, no-obligation meeting to discuss your case. 

High Risk of Car Accidents in Hobart, Indiana 

Car accidents are, unfortunately, all too common in Lake County and Hobart. Here are some statistics from the Indiana University Public Policy Institute to make things clearer. 

  • In 2020 alone, there were 19,840 drivers involved in car crashes. 
  • Young people aged between 15 and 24 were the most likely to be involved in car accidents.
  • In Hobart, speeding and alcohol impairment are the leading causes of vehicle crashes. 

This data is alarming and reminds us all how important it is to drive with due care and attention, and in the event of an accident have the contact information of an experienced car accident lawyer in Hobart, Indiana.

Investigating the Causes of Car Wrecks in Hobart 

There are numerous reasons why car accidents occur in Hobart, Indiana. The most common causes include:

  • Tailgating
  • Driver fatigue
  • Speeding 
  • Distracted driving e.g., eating or texting behind the wheel 
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Running red lights or stop signs 
  • Careless lane changes 
  • Driving without due regard for hazardous conditions e.g., rain, fog, ice 

In reality, most accidents are caused by driver error or carelessness. In other words, they’re avoidable. 

Why Are There So Many Teen Distracted Driving Accidents in Indiana? 

As Hobart car accident attorneys, our legal team is well aware that distracted driving is a significant problem across the US, including Hobart, and teens are especially at risk. There are many possible reasons for this, but typically, it comes down to:

  • Teen drivers are less experienced. They have less experience at managing difficult driving conditions, congestion, etc. Any distraction, however minor, can result in a crash. 
  • Teens may be more likely to be distracted by passengers, especially other teenagers having fun. 
  • A teen driver may be prone to checking their cell, texting, or communicating on social media while driving.

Distracted driving, especially at speed, can cause significant injury. Parents should encourage teens to follow safe driving behaviors such as pulling over to use their phone and limiting the number of passengers in their vehicle. 

How Will Indiana’s Comparative Fault Laws Affect My Hobart Crash Claim? 

Our Hobart car accident lawyers are often asked about Indiana’s negligence laws. Indiana is what we consider an “at-fault” state. In at-fault states, the person who caused the accident is responsible for compensating the injured person(s).

This seems a simple principle, but in reality, Indiana negligence laws are slightly more nuanced than this. It’s not simply about who caused the crash, but whether the crash was mostly or entirely their fault. This is known as the “comparative fault” law.

The comparative fault law seeks to apportion blame, or fault, depending on who was most at fault for an accident. Responsibility is apportioned based on a percentage figure out of 100. For example, in some cases, a person may be deemed 100% responsible for a crash. However, in other cases, one person may share a small percentage of blame (say, 25%), whereas the other person is 75% responsible.

The outcome is that more than one person can be held liable for a Hobart car crash. Why does this matter for claimants? In Indiana, you can’t claim compensation for a car accident if you are found to be 51% or more at fault for the accident. This means, if a judge finds you mostly to blame for the crash, then you won’t get compensation.

If you’re less than 51% responsible for the crash, you can claim damages. Your award will be reduced based on your degree, or percentage, of fault. So, for example, if you’re found to be 25% responsible, your award is reduced by 25%. 

For accident victims, determining liability is crucial. Our experienced car accident attorneys in Hobart, Indiana, can review your case and determine whether you may be found wholly or partly to blame. 

How Will Indiana’s At-Fault Laws Affect My Car Accident Case? 

As mentioned, Indiana is a fault state. Put simply, you need to show that:

  • You were injured in a car accident; and
  • Someone else mostly caused the crash.

If someone else is to blame for your injuries, then you can hold them liable for your losses. It’s not always possible to sue, even if you’re injured. This is an important point to bear in mind.  

  • If there’s negligence but no injury, then there’s no one to sue because there are no losses. 
  • If there’s injury but no negligence, then there’s no claim because there’s no one at fault. 

Your car accident lawyer in Hobart can explain how Indiana’s at-fault laws may help or hinder your case. 

How Much Money Can I Get from a Car Crash in Hobart, Indiana? 

It all depends on how much your claim is worth. Various factors affect settlement figures, and no two claims are exactly the same. However, broadly speaking, you can claim economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are losses that you can calculate. In other words, they are financial losses. Economic damages include:

  • Medical bills: Medical bills include diagnostic testing, examinations, prescriptions, and hospital stays. It also includes rehab and long-term therapy. 
  • Lost income: If you miss work due to your injuries, then you claim for lost wages. 
  • Property damage: You may claim the cost of property damage e.g., vehicle repair costs.
  • Lost earning potential: If a victim can no longer work, or can’t perform their old duties, then they might have a claim for predicted lost income.
  • Funeral and/or burial expensesIf your loved one dies from their injuries, you may claim the cost of the funeral and associated expenses.

Non-economic damages are harder to quantify because they are not specific. They include damages for pain and suffering, loss of support or companionship, and loss of consortium. 

Your Hobart car accident attorney can determine what damages apply in your claim.

What Could Limit the Value of My Claim?

The goal of any compensation claim is to obtain the maximum amount of damages possible. That’s why it’s crucial to understand what factors could reduce, or limit, the level of damages you receive. Factors that may affect the value of your claim include:

  • Whether you’re partly or wholly to blame for the crash
  • Delays in seeking medical care
  • Choosing more expensive treatment options than those medically required
  • Lack of evidence to support your claim 

Your car accident lawyer in Hobart will value your claim based on the severity of your injuries, your losses, and your long-term prognosis. Contact us to schedule a free case evaluation to learn more. 

Legal Timeline to Seek Compensation for a Lawsuit in Hobart 

As a car accident victim, you only have so long to file a civil lawsuit in Indiana. This time limit is known as the statute of limitations

In Hobart, Indiana, you only have two years from the accident date to claim civil damages. This means that if you miss the deadline, you lose your right to claim compensation. It’s very likely that the defendant will argue that the case is time-barred, and a judge may refuse to even hear your side of the story. 

What does this mean for injury victims? It’s best to contact a Hobart car accident lawyer as soon as possible after a crash. There’s no reason to wait until you have a full medical diagnosis, or for any other reason. 

  • The sooner you consult a legal representative, the easier it is to ensure that you preserve crucial evidence. 
  • The defendant’s attorney, and insurance company, may question the delay if you wait a long time between the accident date and claiming compensation. Although this won’t stop your claim from being successful if you have a strong case, it’s a query that is easily avoidable.  

There are exceptions to the two-year time limit in Indiana. For example, if a minor is injured, the “clock” doesn’t start running for them until they reach their 18th birthday. This means they have two years from their 18th birthday to file. 

Our Hobart car accident attorneys can explain what time limits apply in your particular case.  

Hobart, Indiana 

To improve road safety and reduce the risk of serious car accidents, Hobart, Indiana, has a Comprehensive Plan. It’s a visionary attempt to improve traffic circulation, enhance pedestrian safety, and enhance our sidewalk network. The Plan addresses residents’ concerns around traffic congestion and a lack of accessibility for pedestrians and cyclists. 

In the long term, the goal is to make the community more accessible to a wider range of residents, and to help us all feel safer navigating our streets. For drivers, it will, hopefully, mean improved traffic flow throughout our suburbs. And if implemented effectively, the control measures may help to reduce the number of cyclist or pedestrian accidents. 

Only time will tell if this upcoming development will improve Hobart’s road safety. However, from a legal perspective, it does demonstrate Hobart’s commitment to improving road safety. Car drivers — and other road users — are expected to show each other a duty of care. And the Comprehensive Plan couldn’t be any clearer about how seriously Hobart takes this responsibility. 

A car accident lawyer in Hobart can explain how evolving road safety rules could affect you and any civil compensation claim you may have. Contact SLG Accident Attorneys for information.

Car Accident Resources    

If you’re a car accident victim, you may be unsure where to find the medical care you need. Or, you may be struggling to find a car repair quote. If you need assistance, consider approaching the following service providers.

  • Dad’s Garage: From routine maintenance to car repair, Dad’s Garage has you covered. Family-owned and well established, Dad’s Garage is open Monday through Friday, with emergency appointments accepted over the weekend. 
  • All American Tire Inc.: Family-owned and in business since 1988, All American Tire Inc. can help with everything from oil changes to major mechanical repairs. They also provide towing services.
  • St. Mary Medical Center: Do you need medical assistance? St. Mary Medical Center, a non-profit hospital, welcomes you. Whether you need access to a physician or medical imaging, the team at St. Mary can assist. They are committed to providing compassionate care and protecting the dignity of all human life.  
  • Midwest Express Clinic: Midwest Express Clinic, a walk-in center, provides non-emergency care and diagnostic services across Hobart. You don’t need an appointment. Simply attend the clinic after a Hobart car accident and they’ll help you.

As Hobart car accident lawyers, we’re familiar with local service providers who can assist you. If you’re our client, we will help you access the right support for your needs.  

Car Crash Law Firm in Hobart, Indiana

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