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If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident and may have sustained an injury, you’ll want to explore your options carefully. You want to see how a Fishers personal injury lawyer can help you state your case and seek compensation. But this can be a challenging time and you may have no experience in this area before, where do you start?

People often say that time stands still whenever they are involved in a traumatic accident. If you sustained injuries, you’ll need someone by your side with the appropriate legal experience you can depend on. Our Hamilton County law firm has precisely the amount of support that you need when seeking compensation for losses that may be attributed to somebody else’s negligence.

We aren’t afraid to tackle the big cases head-on and have successfully litigated against many companies to receive the appropriate award for our clients. We will be there when the world has suddenly turned upside down, and you need to recover from the physical and emotional injuries associated with the accident.

We focus on a wide range of situations. For example, you may have been hurt in a car or truck accident or been knocked off your motorcycle by a negligent driver. Or you may have been a pedestrian who was hit by another vehicle or slipped and fell on someone’s premises due to their carelessness. We can also tackle cases involving medical malpractice and wrongful death.

Serving Victims and Their Families

Over the years, the community of Hamilton County, Indiana, has become a lot busier, with more traffic on the road than ever. It’s not unusual for a serious accident to occur, so if somebody you know or love was injured in this type of traumatic event, you’ll want to rely on someone who really cares. Our legal team understands how important family can be, and we’ll do our utmost to resolve your case to your satisfaction. We’ll be honored to represent you and will work closely to help you accomplish your goal.

The Guidance You Need From Attorneys You Can Trust

The expert legal team at our Indiana law firm goes above and beyond for our clientele, bringing new meaning to the attorney-client relationship. We will fight tirelessly to achieve the best result possible in your case.

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In The Courtroom

So, what’s involved when you decide to move forward with SLG Accident Attorneys? While there may be many steps involved, these are some of the leading ones:

A Proven Process

Protecting Your Rights

We will conduct initial communication with any insurance company on the other side, preserving evidence and making sure that you do not inadvertently sign any documentation before it is appropriate.

Medical Treatment

If necessary, our Fishers personal injury attorneys will guide you through the process of getting the appropriate medical treatment that you need. We will also try our hardest to ensure that your medical bills do not go to collections while you are in the process of treating.


When we have gathered all the information, we will present it to the at-fault insurance company and await their response.

Pre-Litigation Settlement

Sometimes, the insurance company will agree to a first demand, but we always advise you of what we consider to be the best course of action.

Filing a Lawsuit

If we don’t believe that the insurance company’s offer is reasonable, we will file a lawsuit for you. At this stage, this may often result in a higher settlement amount.

Discovery and Depositions

We will ensure that we are ready for any court case by hiring experts or gathering additional evidence as needed. We will also guide and prepare you for the deposition process where your statements will be recorded by a court reporter.

Mediation or Arbitration

In Indiana it is a requirement that each case be mediated prior to trial. We will go through this process with you and ensure that you get a fair settlement. Your case may settle at this point.

Jury Trial

Should your case proceed all the way to a jury trial, rest assured that our experienced team will be front and center. We’ll ensure that your case is handled fairly and convincingly so you get the compensation you deserve.


Tahmina Ahmad

I recently had the pleasure of dealing with Mr Hasan Shah of SLG Accident Attorneys after my accident. From the first interaction, I felt very comfortable and confident that he was the right person for the job. Throughout this process, he took his time to explain everything to me and never made me feel like I was asking too many questions. He helped me through every step of the way and was available whenever I needed to talk to him. I was well informed throughout the way and feel great about the end resolution. Highly recommend him!

Tahmina Ahmad

Angela Adewunmi

SLG Accident Attorneys was truly a lifesaver for me. Back in February 2021. I was in a car accident and a guy hit me on the highway as I was heading to work. I had never been in an accident like this before. When SLG Accident Attorneys took on my case they were very upfront and honest with me about everything, my case was a bit difficult and they worked very hard for my case and got me extra money. If I could I would give them a rating above five stars.

Angela Adewunmi

Kent Russell

If you are looking for legal help where the lawyer actually calls you back and responds to your texts, one that will not talk down to you just because you don’t know legal terms, and will actually listen to you, then I recommend SLG Accident Attorneys. When you call, you won’t have to press a bunch of buttons only to end up in someone’s voicemail. You will actually speak with a person who will help you. This is not a factory farm legal group. These are people who care about and appreciate their clients and are focused on making sure you are treated right.

Kent Russell

Anahi S

Very grateful to SLG Accident Attorneys for getting me the best result. They really do value you, I would 100% recommend them to anyone. They’ve done such an awesome job & they never make you feel forgotten.

Anahi S

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You may have many choices when it comes to selecting an attorney in Fishers, but we are confident that you cannot beat our team.

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    We deliver solid results for each and every client.
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    We follow the highest ethical standards and you can always trust in our judgment.
  • Reputation
    Check out our reviews to see how we have helped other delighted clients, underlining our reputation and success record.
  • Technology
    We’ve invested in state-of-the-art equipment, so we can always take full advantage as we pursue your case.
  • Transparent Fees
    Remember, the initial consultation is always free, and we won’t charge you a fee until we make a recovery.

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Some of the locations in and around Hamilton County which we serve include:

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Frequently Asked Questions

People are often confused by the process, so we have gathered some answers to frequently asked questions.

frequently asked questions
How Can an Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer Help Me?

As your medical bills begin to pile up or police officers/insurance companies want further information about the incident, you need professional help. You’ll want to do the right thing when the opposing insurance company gets in touch with you, and don’t forget that they haven’t got your best interests at heart. In every case, an experienced Indiana personal injury lawyer can help.

What Do I Need to Prove Damages in a Personal Injury Claim?

You may often require six pieces of evidence to prove damages in a personal injury claim. In addition to the tangible evidence of physical injuries, you may also need to produce photographs and videos to document the scene. Eyewitness testimony from an impartial third party is valuable, and you may also need to call in an expert (such as a specialty doctor) to document the scale of your suffering. The legal system will require a deposition, which you will need to perform under oath and which can be conducted by your personal injury attorney. Finally, you need to show your medical records and associated bills for accounting purposes.

How Often Do Cases Go to Trial?

According to the US DOJ Office of Justice Programs, about three-quarters of all cases were disposed of through an agreed settlement and only 3% by a trial verdict.

How Do Legal Fees Work?

Most personal injury attorneys will work on contingency. This means that they’ll get paid if you win and will not charge you for fees or expenses otherwise.