The primary focus of a personal injury lawyer in Indianapolis, Indiana, is presenting your grievances, claims, or injury woes to get appropriate compensation. Personal injury law encompasses all injuries resulting from accidents involving motor vehicles, motorcycles, wrongful death and other accidents due to negligence.

SLG Accident Attorneys understands Indiana laws on insurance and injury claims and is your best bet when searching for a justified compensation. Our Indianapolis personal injury attorneys will thoroughly investigate your case and provide the expert advice and legal representation that will ensure you win.

What Is The Indiana Negligence Law?

Indiana negligence law differs from the general negligence laws in other states as the plaintiff’s compensation depends on their contribution to the accident. If the plaintiff contributes more than 51% of the fault, they can’t get any compensation from the accident.

Usually, negligence cases include a failure to honor your duty to another

For example, if your brake lights don’t work and you’re in a car accident in Indianapolis; even if the accident wasn’t your fault you could be potentially held liable for partially contributing to the accident. The court calculates the plaintiff’s contribution to the accident as a percentage. If you’re 25% responsible for the accident, your claims get reduced by 25%.

It may seem unfair for the plaintiff as they must cover the accident’s financial, physical, and emotional damages. But having an Indiana personal lawyer will help you navigate the calculations to get worthy compensation for the damages incurred.

Causes of Personal Injuries in Indianapolis

There are a variety of situations in which personal injuries can occur. Some of the most common include:

Motor Vehicle Accidents

Marion county had the highest statistics in fatal and non-fatal motor vehicle accidents compared to other counties in Indiana in 2020. Various causes of these automobile, motorcycle, and truck accidents include driving under the influence, negligence, aggressive driving, speeding, and driving while fatigued.

Speed-related and alcohol-influenced accidents contribute significantly to accidents in the county. However, accidents due to a driver’s recklessness and carelessness slightly dipped from the previous years. Motorists are taking more care regarding safety belts and necessary restraints while in the vehicle.

The cause and nature of the accident determine the severity of the injuries. Major accidents, primarily due to speeding, often have increased rehabilitation and treatment costs. Some may even cost you might lose your wages as you recover.

Additionally, motorcyclists without helmets result in more fatalities during collisions. It is a common cause of crashes and other accidents in Marion County.

Having a lawyer who understands Indiana traffic law will help you get adequate financial damages when pursuing your claims case. Our lawyers will help you hold the defendant accountable and will get you the required compensation to cover the financial and emotional damages incurred.

Bicycle Accidents

Biking fatalities have recently increased in the county. Experts attribute the nearly 70% increase to the new urban design with narrow roads. Despite the sensitization of using safety equipment, the biking community lost seven bikers in a year. It’s an increase from previous statistics that recorded at most 5 biking fatalities annually.

Motorcycle accidents have far more impact on the bikers because any collision will throw them off balance, creating a heavy or dangerous landing. You might experience severe injuries that require costly treatment and recovery procedures.

Pedestrian deaths have increased during the year, causing an added boost in the scrutiny of the transport infrastructure. SLG personal attorneys will look into the factors and causes surrounding the bicycle accidents and resent the best defense in court. You’ll be able to recover while knowing they’ll hold the liable person accountable.

Pedestrian Accidents

Pedestrian accidents rose to 40 fatalities in 2022 from 21 deaths in the previous year. Road and safety experts point to high-traffic and high-speed areas in the county. Indianapolis has excellent infrastructure, bar a few roads that are quite wide and unsafe as they encourage drivers to speed unnecessarily. Others don’t have sidewalks, putting pedestrians at risk when using them.

Having a lawyer who understands the county’s mandate in providing proper infrastructure will help you build a solid case that gets you deserved compensation. SLG attorneys will analyze the case details and hold the liable party accountable for their pitfalls.

Wrongful Death

Various causes of wrongful death include medical malpractice, poisoning, motor vehicle accidents, or liability accidents. An experienced lawyer will examine the facts before presenting an appropriate legal course for your situation.

Certain conditions should be met in accidents before pursuing a wrongful death claim in court. Indianapolis personal injury lawyers will advise you if the conditions meet the minimum threshold to support your case in court.

The abruptness of motor vehicle accidents often overwhelms people when filing for wrongful death claims. It brings remorse and somberness that rattles citizens and affected loved ones. Indiana set up committees to investigate car crashes and find workable solutions.

Simple setups and trackers like speed monitors and infrastructure audits are some solutions that Indianapolis’ Fatal Crash Review Commission came up with to improve the statistics and protect motorists and pedestrians.

Slip and Fall Accidents

If you slip and fall on someone’s property due to negligence, you can file an injury claims case against the owner. Property owners are responsible for your safety when on their property. For example, if you fall due to uncleaned spills in a restaurant or trip due to an uneven walkway surface that was to be mended, you might have sufficient cause for filing a slip and fall case.

An attorney understands the nuances of these cases and can collect and present sufficient evidence for maximum settlement in court. These professionals will record, document, and present irrefutable evidence through surveillance, medical reports, witness testimonies, and more.

When Should I Contact an Attorney?

The pain, hurt, or confusion that comes with accidents can easily overwhelm you, causing you to lose out on essential details in your case. The timing and consultations you’ll make during the incident could be the difference when filing your damage claims.

Contact an attorney on these occasions.

Immediately After an Accident

When involved in an injury, it’s easy to miss the immediate details that could help your claims case. Remember, some injury cases have a timeframe where you should get medical checks and report to process the cases. Calling a lawyer helps you get all documentation and reports before you get overwhelmed and forget them.

For Clarification, During a Case

Contact an attorney if you’ve started your case but have doubts about handling the documentation or recording of different issues. An attorney understands the county’s law and can advise you accordingly to avoid losing out on your deserved compensation.

Even before you start your insurance claims case, getting a legal experts perspective gives you various legal routes to address your complaints. You’ll understand which details make or break the case, and you can handle your preparation better. Don’t wait till you’ve made numerous mistakes to contact an attorney. Be aggressive and seek help early.

    Damages An Attorney Can Help You Obtain

    The journey to full recovery after an accident can easily take a toll on you. Your financial, physical, and emotional pain can throw you off your personal or professional goals during this period. Appropriate damages can offset some of these problems, easing you to better and quicker recovery. These are some damages that an Indianapolis personal injury attorney can help you obtain.

    Medical Costs

    Medical care costs are the most straightforward damages you can obtain from the defendant. If necessary, a personal injury lawyer in Indianapolis will compile your medical records from diagnosis, treatment, or rehabilitation. You can include additional therapy sessions or medications in your medical invoice to get fair compensation.

    Sometimes, plaintiffs include other costs like transport to and from the therapy sessions or checkups and extra care they may need due to their condition after the injury. Your lawyer will help you craft an excellent legal plan for your reimbursement.

    Loss of or Reduced wages

    Specific injuries may increase your recovery period, causing you to miss some working days, thus losing your wages. Also, you might inherit some health conditions that may limit your movements or ability to do your daily tasks at work. This may lead to redeployment or wage reduction.

    A legal representative helps you recoup some of the lost wages. They will analyze your missed paychecks and the impact of the injury to calculate worthy compensation. In the case of permanent disability or long-term injury effects, the lawyer may argue a regular stipend to prevent losing your lifestyle joys.

    Physical and Emotional Pain

    Injuries can cause physical and emotional pain, especially during the healing process. Some people experience trauma from these accidents and need therapy to overcome their fears.

    Since it’s difficult to quantify pain and its compensation, courts use different factors to calculate this claim. An attorney will help you calculate the damages resulting from the pain for your reimbursement. Mostly, you’ll find it as a percentage of the total compensation claim, or the court will use a standard formula to calculate your repayment.

    Property Damage

    If your vehicle or property gets damaged during an accident, your legal representative can reimburse the money you use for your repairs or replacement. The attorney combines evidence of damage, including any photos or reports after the accident, and the auto body repair bills for reimbursement.

    The insurance company will assess the evidence presented against their scheme to complete the settlement. Our competent lawyers will help you align your documents for a factual claim and proper compensation.

    How Much Does It Cost To Hire an Indiana Lawyer?

    Hiring an attorney could turn out to be an effective investment if you get injured. Attorneys work with injured clients on contingency. You don’t need to pay these lawyers per hour. But, they’ll quote a percentage of the settlement received as part of tier fees. Some states will have a limit that lawyers shouldn’t exceed when engaging the client. Settlement before filing a lawsuit, the lawyer gets 30% of the settlement. The percentage rises to 40% if you settle after filing the lawsuit.

    However, the lawyer doesn’t get the contingency fees if you don’t win the settlement. It gives injured parties a fair chance of representation at the claims court. It also ensures lawyers do their best to get the best settlement for their clients.

    Additionally, you must cater to other fees during the case. Documents like filing fees, reports from the Indianapolis police department, medical reports, witness fees, and copying charges attract extra charges. The lawyer might pay and deduct these bills from the final settlement cost. Alternatively, prepare your finances for these bills before you get the settlement.

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